The Family Tradition Still Carries On.

It's been almost a century since my grandfather, Ed Hixson, and great-uncle Jim Hixson settled in Central Louisiana in 1907. At that time, Alexandria was little more than a village.

They soon purchased the Hoyt Funeral Home and Livery Stable, located at Fourth and DeSoto Streets. They had three horse drawn vehicles and made caskets by hand, to the measurements of each individual.

Three years later, they relocated the business to Third and Beauregard Streets. In 1915, Jim passed his interest in the business to his brother, Jerry W. Hixson. It wasn't long before Ed and Jerry brought the first motor equipment for funerals to the Central Louisiana area and the first Hammond organ as well. In 1937, our firm relocated to our current location, 701 Jackson Street.

Our family's tradition of service has allowed us to grow and establish funeral homes in Marksville, Jena, and Pineville. Now in our fourth generation, we have continued to update our facilities and services to meet the needs and customs of today's families.